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Noon Meal Programme Food

Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Nutritious Meal Programme was launched in Rural areas on 01.07.1982 and was further extended to Urban Areas from 15.09.1982. Every day hot cooked meal containing Rice, Dhal, Oil and Vegetables is provided to the children in the age group of 2 to 5+ years in Anganwadi centres. The noble objective of the scheme is to increase the literacy rate and eradicate malnutrition.

80 gms of Rice, 10 gms of Dhal, 2 gm of Oil, 1.9 gms of Salt and Vegetables used for cooking Mid Day Meal per child per day. The feeding cost for vegetables, condiments and fuel is Rs. 1.35 on days when dhal is not used and Rs. 1.13 on days when dhal is used.

The children of 2-5+ years of age are provided with Nutritious Meal throughout the year i.e.365 days(Sundays - Dry Ration).

To enrich the diet of the children, protein rich food like 20 grams of Black Bengal Gram or Green Gram is being given on Tuesdays every week.

Providing 20 grams of boiled potato on Fridays every week.

Three eggs per week to 2 - 5+ years children on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and one egg every Wednesday to 1 to 2 year children are served along with Nutritious Meal in ICDS centres.

Children who do not eat eggs are provided with a banana weighing 100 grams.

Only Double Fortified Salt (DFS) is used in all Anganwadi Centres of Integrated Child Development Services Scheme for cooking noon meal.

The ‘Akshaya Pathiram’ programme (Voluntary contribution of vegetables/ eatables by community/mothers of Anganwadi children) is also being implemented in all ICDS centres, through which the vegetable intake of the children is increased. Through ‘Akshaya Pathiram’ programme, children are encouraged to bring one vegetable to Anganwadi Centre. This not only adds to the nutrition content in noon meal but also inculcates the habit of sharing among children.

Old age Pensioners are also served with Nutritious Meal every day through the ICDS centres. 200 gms of Rice, 15 gms of Dhal, 1 gm of Oil, 1.9 gms of Salt and Vegetables used for cooking Mid Day Meal per person per day.

The Variety Rice Scheme was introduced on 20.03.2013 in one pilot block of each District.

Fortification of Food Materials

Considering the best interest of the children, the State of Tamil Nadu implemented the usage of Iodised salt under Noon Meal Programme from 1991, through Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation Limited. Now, Double Fortified Salt fortified with Iron and Iodine is being supplied to all Anganwadi Centres.

Palmolein oil fortified with Vitamin A & Vitamin D, free from Argemone oil supplied to Anganwadi Centres by Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation.

To enhance the nutritive value of Supplementary Weaning Food, Micro Nutrients and soluble Vitamins are being added.

As a pilot programme Iron fortified rice with 9 Nutrient contents (Vitamin A , B1, B2, B3,B6,B12, Folic acid, Iron and Zinc) is to be provided under Noon Meal Scheme in 5 districts namely Dharmapuri, Madurai, Thoothukudi, Thanjavur and The Nilgiris to address Micro Nutrient deficiency.

Registration of Anganwadi Centers Under Fss Act 2006

As per the mandated norms, all Anganwadi Centres have been registered under Food Safety and Standard (FSS) Act 2006 by Food Safety Department. Every year the registration is being renewed.


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