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Education Communication

Information Education Communication (IEC) Awareness Activities

In ICDS, the IEC activities were planned and conducted to create awareness by disseminating various Nutrition, Health and Child development messages to the mothers, care givers, adolescent girls and the community, to bring attitudinal and positive behavioral changes in nutrition and health practices.

A variety of IEC programmes like “Samuthaya Valaikappu”, “Breast feeding Week Celebration”, Infant Young Child Practices, Nutrition Week Celebration, Advertisement in T.V Channels and FM Radio are planned regularly to create awareness on ante natal and post natal care, child rearing, nutrition and health practices and to elicit and sustain community participation.

A number of IEC materials like Posters, Folders, Dangler kit etc., on Health, Nutrition and Child Development were also printed and supplied to the Anganwadi centres, Health centres, CDPO and P.O offices.

“Chittu Kuruvi Sedhi Theriyuma” a Bi monthly news letter is being published and supplied to all the Anganwadi centres to spread latest information about the scheme.

Various IEC programmes, campaigns and drives for the promotion of Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices will be conducted at District and Project level.

IEC Objectives

Information, Education and Communication

Information, Education and Communication Strategies & activities of the ICDS Project aim to create demand, attitudinal change and bring about positive behaviour changes among individuals, family and community and thereby contributing towards reduction of malnutrition in the community. In ICDS communication forms an integral part of the Project. It is implemented in close coordination with the activities of other components of the Project. It precedes, interlinks and succeeds with every activities of the Projects.

IEC Objectives

IEC Strategies and Programme Activitiess

IEC Strategies :

IEC Programme Activities :

Communication programme activities were planned in such a way that it should disseminate all the project messages to bring attitudinal changes. A number of Communication programmes were planned and conducted in the field:

Impact of IEC Activities :

Community Particapation and Social Mobilization

People's / Community Participation and Mobilisation Gaining Momentum in Tamilnadu ICDS

People's participation in ICDS lead to successful implementation of the Programme. It has created awareness and stimulated the people for demanding various services of ICDS.

This demand increases the utilization of services, extension of coverage of beneficiaries and leads to attitudinal changes in child care practices at household level.


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