Objectives of the Study

Need for the Study

The ICDS is a centrally sponsored programme on a sharing pattern between the Centre and State. Huge amount is being pumped in for this scheme every year. The budget proposed for the year 2014-15 is Rs.1833.97 crores.

In that case it is very essential for an in-depth study to identify the lacunae and suggest strategies to enhance and restrengthen the existing programme for the benefit of the community and the Nation.

Hence the Tamilnadu government in GO (MS) No, 29/SW&VHP (SW7-1) Dept dated 22.05-14 requested the Department of Evaluation and Applied Research (DEAR) to take up the study. As the study involved huge data collection and intensive field work in all 32 districts, DEAR through tender process outsourced the study to School of Public Health, SRM University.

General Objectives of the study

Specific Objectives of the study

Method of Study

The study consists of four surveys undertaken across the State of Tamil Nadu covering all the 32 districts along with a household listing survey for a sub-sample of villages falling within the catchment area of a few AnganwadiCentres in each district. The surveys involved observations at the Anganwadi Centre (AWC), interviews of individual beneficiaries (mothers) and health measurements for children, interviews of Anganwadi workers (AW) and individuals from the community. To assess the anemia among the sample children blood samples were collected by the Health Department.


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